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Here you can learn about new nonprofit projects and what's new at our organization.

The Next Program To Help End Hunger!


4-H Biotech Curriculum Program

Help support high school students in teaching other students Biotech material to help increase the interest and future of our helping our future Ag students to increase Global Food Supply. Call 765-430-3542!

Help Purdue Students Gain Experience While Making a Difference in the World Through EPICS (Engineering Students in Community Service)


Project #1 - Transforming Lives, Building Communities


Purdue Engineering Students will be traveling to Ghana during Spring Semester of 2015 to conduct Needs Assessments in Ghana to prepare for helping provide water systems, test out a new moisture measuring device for corn crop, and improve conditions for a new school.


Project #2 - Feeding Children in India


Purdue Engineering Students will continue to develop a new Soya Milk System for feeding Soya Milk to orphans in Hyderabad, India, start gathering data to perform needs assessments for a clean water system and an encubating blanket sleeping bag for individiuals working in the Bihar region.  Planning is underway for a trip to Hyderabad, India for the upcoming December 2014/January 2015 break between semester at Purdue University with an emphasis on relationship building, data verification of current design concepts being worked on, and curriculum training within tow India Universities.


Blankets for Bihar Region of India


High School Students are on a fund raising campaign to provide through a local church, money to purchase 500 Blankets at $10 each for Indians living in the Bihar Region of India where the homeless live outdoors in temperatures of 10 below zero.