Cameroon Steering Team

Cameroon Steering Team Chairperson

Dr. Isaac Zama, Co-Founder and U.S. Representative, ACREST, Fairfax, VA.


Skills Emphasis:   Business, Engineering


Location:  USA


Dr. Zama is a Co-Founder of the African Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (ACREST) based in Bangang, Cameroon. He currently serves as the resident representative of ACREST in the United States. In this capacity, he is involved in the research of appropriate technologies for development and implementation in Cameroon and the recruitment of American Engineering Universities interested in partnering with ACREST to send engineering students to assist ACREST technicians build low cost technologies.


Isaac's Background:

  • 10 years of extensive research and practical experience drafting project proposals for funding; appropriate technologies for developing countries; designing technical and cooperative partnership and capstone project agreements between American Universities and NGO’s for appropriate technological transfers including Purdue University, Brown University, Georgia Tech and ACREST.
  • 10 years of additional experience that includes the areas of international and rural development, education and research in law, conflicts & natural resources management, community forestry, community participation and economic development; policy analysis; appropriate technology transfer; capacity building and community-based resource management; participatory approaches; rural development; land tenure rights & conflict management, institutional analysis; public-private partnerships; small & medium-scale rural industries, stakeholder analysis, environmental impact assessments in developing countries. 
  • Dr. Zama is fluent in English and French with developing country experience.

Cameroon Steering Team Member

Dr. Cameron Gongwer, M.D. - Medical Doctor, The Mission Society, globally available for health mission expansion
Skills Emphasis:  Medical, Health Training, Medical Camp Developer
Current Location: In-Country Ghana
  • 3 years of designing, leading, training, and serving in medical camps.
  • 13 years in Ghana building new hospital, developing medical staff, and providing medical services to patients in Ghanaian hospitals.
  • 15 years as Medical Physician in Elkhart, Indiana.
  • Masters in Science from University of Accra in Global Health Policy
  • Doctorate in Medicine from Indiana University’s Medical school, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana.