Global Steering Teams

Our Global Steering Teams can be considered to be a large part to our success in managing projects because the teams act as a conduit for GRC to work collectively between the USA and the country the Steering Team represents. 


As you review the various Country Steering Teams you will notice that GRC works hard to make sure each team has a representative that is in the USA (North American Affiliate), at least one representative in the country the Steering Team is focused on (International Affliate At International Grassroots Level), and finally a liasion representative that travels back and forth between the USA and the country of focus (North American Affiliate Internationally Located).  GRC also works to make sure that of these representatives, there is someone that represents the scientific, engineering, business, and medical areas to make sure that the projects being reviewed have Steering Team Members with the skill sets that can make the proper decisions for each project request assessment.