Global Resource Partners

Want to become a Partner because you like what we're about? Do you share the same interests and want to help?


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Listed below are some organizations that have liked what we are about and wanted to work together.


ACREST - African Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology

ACREST is a centre for information, demonstration, awareness, production and research on renewable energy and sustainable technologies in Africa.


Our vision
Achievement of self-reliance and economic independence.



To fight ignorance on energy/technology in all its forms and manifestation; To train artisans (wood, metal workers, mechanic etc) and school leavers in technical subjects not covered by the traditional education system, with special emphasis on the applied sciences;

To manufacture machines, tools and appliances that can be used to harness the untapped energy potential in Africa; To manufacture basic tools for basic need such as:

  • water supply technology (pumps for both household and public use);
  • food-processing equipments (maize mills, );
  • food conservation;
  • Energy efficient stoves

ACREST goalds are:

To propose and be part of the solution by actively involve in the efforts that improve the living condition of people;To promote, facilitate and initiate social development projects and programmes that bring tangible positive impact to the basic living conditions of people; To strengthen the capacity of small and medium manufacturing enterprises in producing basic need goods; To reverse rural-urban migration trend by creating conducive conditions in rural area that will attract urban people with better living environment and job opportunities.

Missions Resource International:

Company focused on providing solutions through the use of “Business As Missions “ model ministry with geographical focus currently in Ghana.


The Salt Mine

The Salt Mine is a Public Charity.  Fully qualified with the IRS and the State of California for maximum tax deductions (501 ( c) (3)) .  The Salt Mine is a community service organization, offering emergency assistance to the needy of Lincoln and surrounding communities.


What does The Salt Mine do?


The Salt Mine aggressively operate a food closet which provides food boxes to needy families.  At present we serve over eleven hundred  families each month. Each week we purchase two to four thousand pounds of food from our local food bank, bring the food to our facility, sort, box and distribute the food to qualified  families.   Each food box provides a family with three meals a day for seven days.  In addition, we help with other emergency needs; clothing, household items including furniture, gasoline for doctor appointments and work interviews, prescription drugs for the elderly and needy, minor auto repairs for low-income working families that depend upon their auto for transportation and traveler aid for stranded travelers. In addition, The Salt Mine administers several grants to assist low-income families with rent assistance, emergency shelter and other emergencies.


Institute for Affordable Transporation:

Company focused on providing solutions for affordable transportation for individuals and companies in third world countries. The intent is to improve lives in impoverished countries by facilitating the spread of simple vehicles that can be assembled almost anywhere, by almost anyone.


Partners Worldwide

Company focused on providing solutions through the use of “Business As Missions “ model ministry for a world without poverty. The means of accomplishing this mission is by encouraging, equipping, and connecting business and professional people in global partnerships that grow enterprises and create sustainable jobs, transforming the lives of all involved.

Rural Empowerment Initiative:

Rural Empowerment Initiative (REI) is a Christian values-based U.S. organization that works to deliver life sustaining sustenance to the developing world without creating dependency, via small and medium business development of rural agricultural projects and programs and support of small-scale businesses throughout West Africa.

REI builds relationships with like-minded non-profits, supporters, donors and volunteers to collaborate and form synergy, advocates for the developing world farmer, raises awareness of the urgent need to sustain life in West Africa and develops donations for projects in the field.


Hope for Today:

Organization focused on providing solutions for meeting the needs in India in the areas of church-planting, leadership training seminars, evangelistic campaigns, and preaching and teaching within the churches. In addition, they also work with women and children through the Alpha Schools and Homes, a vocational training center, medical camps and a nutritional feeding program. 

Trees for Tanzania:

Trees for Tanzania is committed to help ease the burden caused by deforestation in western Tanzania. Their project addresses the following issues:

  • Education and hands-on training are the keys to promoting good stewardship of natural resources.
  • Invite church groups, schools and mosques to participate in tree planting programs
  • Provide training sessions and educational materials for representatives who have been chosen by each group
  • Facilitate group-level planning of forestry projects
  • Deliver planting materials to group sites
  • Establish production woodlots
  • Distribute firewood to those in need
  • Kigoma municipal officials encourage reforestation and beautification projects, but lack the capital to undertake such projects themselves.
  • Create parks and gardens
  • Develop buffer zones located along roadsides
  • Residents of Kigoma have no hope of escaping poverty without the means to produce an income.
  • Establish small cottage industries that will produce services and materials needed by the tree project.
  • Research and technical development are needed to establish best practices for plantation forestry in the Kigoma area.
  • Design research plots with advisors from Tanzania Forestry Research Institute, and reputed leaders in international forestry
  • Establish experimental plots to maximize knowledge and resources
  • Document and evaluate responses to the program in order to improve its effectiveness