Proposed Project #2 - New Salt Mine Food and Clothing Distribution Center Associate

In 2010, the Salt Mine distributed over 2,000,000 individual meals to those in need with their local community of Lincoln, CA.  With the local community's population continuing to grow but unemployment continuing to be on the rise, the needs of those needing help during these times will continue to increase.  Based on this reality, the Salt Mine is in need of an additional staff member to work within their Food and Clothing Distribution Center.  The problem is that their budget currently does not have the funding to pay for an additional staff member.  Global Resource Connections has taken on this project and plans to work to connect the resources needed to fund this additional associate.


Physical Need:  Funding to support an additional associate in The Salt Mine's Food and Clothing Distribution Center.


Physical INVESTMENT:  $30,000 annually


The strategy includes creating a donor base to take on this position and sustain the required investment annually.