Examples of Completed Projects By Our Team Members

The Salt Mine - Serving 2,000,000 Meals in 2010

Physical Needs:  Meeting the nutrition needs of local families and transportation for those needs rides to doctor appointments and jobs.


In 2010, the Salt Mine furnished over two million meals to local families, and of this number, sixty-seven percent were for youth and children.  The Salt Mine provides a food box for needy families that will feed each person in that particular family three meals a day for a week.  Food boxes for emergency needs are limited to one box per month.  In addition, the Salt Mine administers the U.S.D.A. distribution program, and low income families can receive two (2) U.S.D.A. distributions each month.  In addition to the organized and regulated food program, the Salt Mine offers daily meals to transients and distributes a “truck load of food” on Saturdays on a first-come, first-serve basis.


In addition, the Salt Mine help with other emergency needs; clothing, household items including furniture, gasoline for doctor appointments and work interviews, prescription drugs for the elderly and needy, minor auto repairs for low-income working families that depend upon their auto for transportation and traveler aid for stranded travelers.  In addition, the Salt Mine administers several grants to assist low-income families with rent assistance, emergency shelter and other emergencies.


Physical INVESTMENT:  est. $60,000


Physical Need IMPACT:  2,000,000 meals served


(Investment was provided through proceeds from The Salt Mine Thrift Shop and donations from current donor base.)