Proposed Project #2 - (2) New Alpha Schools

These schools provide education to over 400 children who would otherwise waste their time playing on the streets while their parents work as menial laborers to earn less than a dollar a day.


Physical and Intellectual Need:  Capital for building supplies, labor for building construction, educational materials, overseers of children, and teachers.   Funds will also need to be raised to support the 50 children that will are fed that come off of the street and receive the education offered at each new school.  The

total number of students served will be 100 children per day at the (2) schools (2 schools X 50 children per school).  $25 dollars a month will provide support for one orphan that will include teaching materials for child, (2) meals and (1) snack for each day of the month. $40 dollars a month will provide support for one teacher each day of the month that will include (2) meals and (1) snack.


Physical and Intellectual Investment:


One time capital construction costs

for building supplies,

labor for building construction, 

educational materials for (2) Alpha Schools.........$275,000


Annual budget for teachers (each teacher will have 5 children)

                              $40 per teacher per month

                        X 20 teachers (each teacher has 5 of the 100 children.

                        X 12 months per year


                     = $9,600 per year


Annual budget for 100 children:

                              $25 per child per month

                       X 100 children

                       X 12 months per year


                       = $30,000 for 2012


Total Investment for 2012 = $314,600