Examples of Completed Projects By Our Team Members

Soya Milk for Homeless Children

India, in its developing stage, has the largest population of street children in the world. Around 25 million street children live here, which is the combined population of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


In the UNICEF state of the world children report, the following facts came forward: 47% street children under the age of 3 are malnourished and around 2.2 million street children die before the age of 5.40,000 street children die every day in the world, 30% being Indians. In an era of development, the lives of these children are bleak and misty.


Soya milk and related food products are becoming popular throughout the world due to their nutritional values and medicinal qualities. Soya milk is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate and contains no cholesterol. It is an excellent food for babies, children, elderly people and pregnant and lactating women since it contains vegetable protein, which is very nutritious and easy to digest. Besides possessing high nutritional values, Soya milk is best for people suffering from diabetes and lactose-intolerance. 


Physical Need: Capital for Soya Milk processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, materials, serving cups, and packaging for distribution.


Physical Impact: Nutrition for homeless children.


Investment Breakout:  $13,000 for Capital equipment and materials

                                    X (4) Soya Milk Stations = $52,000


                        $55 per child (covers materials and overhead) monthly

                           X 500 children per month X 12 months = $330,000


2010 Total Investment: $382,000.......Project Completed

Vocational Training Center

Alpha Homes

Homes were needed to provide food, clothing, shelter, and an education to 67 children who would otherwise turn into antisocial elements as their parents either cannot care of them or they are orphans with no caretaker.


Physical and Intellectual Need:  $39 a month to provide support for one orphan.


Physical and Intellectual Impact: $39 per child per month

                                                X 67 children

                                                X 12 months per year


                                                = $31,356 for 2010 Project Complete

Alpha Schools

These schools provide education to over 400 children who would otherwise waste their time playing on the streets while their parents work as menial laborers to earn less than a dollar a day.


Physical and Intellectual Need:  $25 a month to provide support for one orphan.


Physical and Intellectual Impact: $25 per child per month

                                                X 400 children

                                                X 12 months per year


                                                = $120,000 for 2010 Project Complete

Ragpickers Ministry

There are at least 40,000 street children in the city of Hyderabad alone that scavenge through the garbage bins then sell items at recycling centers. Our India team members started providing refreshments to some of these children and men along with the Good News.


                      Physical Need:  Our India team members, Hope For Today, heard the Lord’s call for Vacation Bible School(VBS) for 10,000 children in India. The task was great and Spring was almost over.


Physical Impact:  9,730 children attended VBS in four states. 417 teachers were provided the resources needed to lead.


Investment Breakout:  9,730 children X $25 to attend = $243,250

                                  417 teachers X $40 to teach = $16,680


Total Investment:  $259,930.... Project Completed




-Ten U.S.churches followed the call.

-Some went to their own VBS programs and the children who attended got directly involved in raising support.

-Other churches were simply moved and gave from an already tight budget. Nine individuals heard and immediately responded.

-One of these was a young 15 year-old girl from Indiana. She alone raised enough for nearly 600 Indian children to attend which amounted to $15,000 since each child would need $25 a month to come to the Vacation Bible School. 

-Over 400 volunteers supported the teachers and helped with the children. Even more incredible, almost half of these children were in the least reached or most persecuted states in India.