Proposed Project #5 - Help (4) Local Ghanaian Women Start and Establish their own Bread Making Businesses

Stella Otsin is a Pastor in Western Ghana sees the need to help local Ghanaian women who want to start bread making businesses to be able to earn incomes and provide for their families.  Her goal is to help (4) women in the local villages surrounding Kumasi, Ghana to start and establish one new bread making business per person with each individual business project being done in a (3) month period with all (4) being completed one year in a (1) year time period.


Physical Need: Capital for baking equipment, materials, and packaging for distribution.


Physical Impact: local ministry and income for the owners and their families.


INVESTMENT:  $2,900 Per Bread Making business resulting in a total capital need for all (4) Bread Making businesses of $11,600.