Proposed Project #3 - Conduct an Agricultural and Clean Water Needs Assessment and Vocational Training Program for the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

To improve the capabilities to produce agricultural products and clean water for nutrition benefits as well as for the sale of agricultural products for earning an income to reduce poverty levels.  These efforts will be accomplished by operating out of the Kumasi Technology Transfer and Training Center to conduct a needs assessment of the conditions in the Ashanti, Ghana and then develop and implement a vocational training program designed to train local community representatives at the center.  Once training has been completed, the trainers of the program will travel with the attendees back to their villages to implement the training at the trainee's village.


Physical Need: Capital for training materials and equipment for agricultural education and production, clean water processing equipment, and business education for starting and operating an agricultural production distribution business. 


Intellectual Need: Professional resources and expenses to travel to Ghana to then conduct the needs assessments, training model development, and implementation.  


Physical and Intellectual Impact:  Improved nutrition resulting in fewer futility levels and a reduction in poverty through teaching local ghanaians how to create and sustain businesses in the agricultural markets thereby producing an income for the owners and their families.


Physical INVESTMENT:  $75,000

Intellectual INVESTMENT:  $63,000


Total INVESTMENT:  $138,000

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