Proposed Project #2 - Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) Micro-Factory designed to utilize local materials, processes, and labor in Ghana for a Total BUV Unit Cost of $1,900.

Physical Need: A Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) Micro-Factory designed and built in accordance with the BUV unit built at the new Technology Transfer Training Center (Project #1) that will be able to offer local Ghanaians new jobs created by the need of labor to assemble the BUV's that will be made of materials, existing processes of cutting, drilling, welding, local labor, and materials/parts that can be supplied locally.                  Welding sub-assembly (above)                   

Final Assembly (right)                  These units will not only offer assembly work for local Ghanaians, but will offer BUV units that can be utilized for delivery businesses of various products such as food and clean water delivery, clothing sales delivery from local distributors, sewing businesses, and bread making businesses. Due to the capabilities of the BUV being able to travel in so many different

terrain layouts, the BUV offers an excellent means for transporting anything that needs delivered to an awaiting recipient or anyone that needs transported including even to a hospital when medical needs exist.  With most of the BUVs being capable of hauling up to 1500 pounds, BUVs are capable of hauling many products and/or people.   Lifeline Ambulance (left)

School Bus(right)                     

The BUV beds are capable of being switched from a patient loading set of benches or stretchers to a simple loading bed, can pull agricultural plowing and seed loading units for farming, and offer the capability of pumping water and generating electricity as well by utilizing the drive unit of the vehicle for power generation. 




Clean Water Delivery (below left)   Matress Delivery (below right)  



INVESTMENT: $110,000  Project Funds Raised........$1,000

Contact us for the Project Matrix that includes cost and timing details.