Proposed Project #1 -Technology Transfer and Training Center including Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) built in Ghana utilizing local materials, processes, and labor.

Physical and Intellectual Need:   A Technology Transfer Training Center that utilizes the Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) as the initial technology of interest that can be offered for meeting existing physical needs for job and intellectual needs while also being combined with a center to collect and teach the latest practices of available resources that can be transferred to the rural areas for agriculture, health, water sanitation, energy, and business practices.

Physical and Intellectual Impact Potential:   The focus of the Training Center will be on the collection, teaching, and implementation of the latest practices of available resources that can be transferred to achieve sustainable improvements in nutrition, clean water, energy alternatives, health, education, and economic self reliance through growing enterprises and creating sustainable jobs.  When appropriate, the Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) that will be built at the center that utilizes local materials, processes, and training from the new Technology Transfer and Training Center that can be used for new job creation as well.

BUV Agricultural Transport(right)

a huge role in the livelihoods of women and men living in poverty in developing countries. Tens of millions of people -rural people who lack land and or adequate employment in agriculture, and urban residents who do not have formal employment – depend for at least part of their income on small scale, home-based processing and manufacturing activities. However poor people are also consumers of manufactured goods which are essential for their livelihoods.   Hundreds of millions of farmers, for example, require tools and capital equipment for their agricultural production.  As the majority of people look to the informal sector for their livelihood of opportunity, they are likely to be drawn into ‘micro and small scale enterprises.  Micro and small scale manufacturing enterprises typically include small metal workshops, home-based textile production, craft products and repair shops, delivery businesses, etc. 

INVESTMENT: $220,000  Project Funds Raised........$1,000

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