Proposed Project #2 - Biosand Filter System

Physical Need:

There is an undeniable need for clean water throughout the developing world.   Every year there are over a million deaths related to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene,mainly through infectious diarrhea.
Over 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water and even more lack access to proper root sanitation.


Physical Need:   The BioSand filter is one of several household water treatment technology options.  Household water treatment is important to ensure an improved quality of water, because it allows for the water to be treated at the ‘point of use’.


The BioSand filter is an innovation on traditional slow sand water filters. It allows for intermittent operation at a household level.
The filter can be constructed locally anywhere in the world because it is built using materials that are readily available.


It is simply a concrete container, enclosing layers of sand and gravel whose purpose is to eliminate sediments,pathogens and other impurities from the water.


The BioSand Filter is proven to almost entirely remove the disease-causing organisms found in water. It removes 100% of parasites
and over 95% of bacteria. It also removes nearly all suspended sediments, and is capable of removing significant amounts of organic
and some inorganic compounds.


Physical Investment:  $15,000


Physical IMPACT:  Clean Water for local residents.