Project Design Scope Process

A) Need-Assessment Analysis (Two Weeks with Country Representatives to conduct Needs Assessment - Possibly a Maymester for College Students on Service Learning Projects? We could also have some of the data collection pulled together before teams arrive by our team members in country.)


  1. Current Environment-(Compositions, Topographies, Water Cultures, etc.)
  2. Current Systems in Place-(What systems are currently available, who is supplying, and from where)
  3. Current Knowledge-Base of Country- (What is the understanding of the importance of the solution provided and why it is healthy for you)
  4. Current Cultural Acceptance-(Is the country culture accepting of technologies being considered?)
  5. Current Skill Sets in Country/Region-(What skills are available to understand and maintain systems of consideration?)
  6. Current Materials Available in Country-(Based on systems    considered, are the materials available to build system and then maintain it?)

       (I)   Summary Report

       (II)  Current Assessment Results

       (III) Recommendations



B)  Awareness Project for Need of resources such as Nutrition Foods, Clean Water, other Energy Resources, etc. (One Week of Training Offered to Village Representatives and One Week of Training in the Villages the Village Representatives reside- Another Maymester?)


  1. Review results from Need Assessment Analysis
  2. Build Training Curriculum
  3. Teach Village Representatives
  4. Travel with Village Representatives to help Village Representatives teach Community Representatives in Villages.



C)  Project System Design and Implementation of Systems (Two Weeks in Country during Maymester for Students on Service Learning Projects but much of the System Design will be expected to be worked on in previous semester such as in a Design Class in Second Semester)


  1. Design System Based on Recommendations from Needs Assessments
  2. Present Project Plan to Village Representatives of Village receiving System/Products.  This presentation would be done in the village/rural area.
  3. Travel with Village Representatives to help Village Representatives teach Community Representatives in Villages.
  4. Implement System/Products and training
  5. Have Center Director follow up with Village Representatives on performance and additional needs


4)     Perform Project Sequence A, B, and C continuously through villages as can be arranged through the village/rural area.