Project Assessment Process

Where Is the Location Of The Project Requested?

  • Which Country and City is the Project located in?
  • Does the potential recipient have a location that is in the United States?
  • Has the potential recipient been checked with OFAC?
  • Does Global Resource Connections (GRC) have a Program Manager in the country the project is located in?
  • Does the Project Need exist for more than one Country?
  • Which Other Countries?
  • Does GRC have a Program Manager in the other country(s) the project is located in?
Determine Type Of Need:
  • Is the Need Physical or Intellectual?
If The Need Is Physical, Is The Need……
  • A Business Need that will generate Sustainable Income?
  • A Medical Need that will help offer Health Services?
  • An Engineering Need that will address either Water, Food, Electricity, or Housing Needs?
  • A Product Development Need that will provide a Product that helps improve the production of either Clean Water, Food, Electricity Generation, or Housing Related Products?
If The Need Is Intellectual, Is The Need……
  • A Business Training Need?
  • A Medical or Health Training Need?
  • An Engineering Training Need?
  • A Vocational or Standard Educational Need?
Once The Type Of Need And Location Is Identified…
  • The Project is reviewed by the Global Resource Connections Advisory Board to determine if the Project meets GRC’s Mission Statement.
If The Project Meets GRC’s Mission Statement……
  • The Advisory Review Board will continue the Process by identifying the Physical And Financial Resources that will need to be allocated and whether or not the Resources are available.
  • The Project is given a Project Number.
  • The Managing Resource is assigned.
  • If Financial Resources are not available, the Managing Resource will start investigating optional Funding Sources to support the Project.
If The Project Does Not Meet GRC’s Mission Statement……
  • Potential Project Candidate will be contacted and informed of the decision and why the Project could not be supported.
  • Potential Project Candidate will also be allowed to resubmit a new proposal at anytime if the Potential Project Candidate can add more clarity to the Project Focus that shows the Potential Project can meets GRC's Mission Statement.