Deciding What We Work On

Our process for deciding what we work on involves a 3-Step Procedure that includes an emphasis of our Steering Teams being the initial filter for projects within each country.  Each project request is then forwarded from the reviewing Steering Team to our Advisory Review Board.  The Advisory Review Board then follows GRC's Project Assessment Process to determine if the the Project Request is approved or rejected.  To allow each Steering Team to have a voice on each Project Request that comes in, each Steering Team has a representative on on the Advisory Review Board.  You will note this when reviewing the Steering Team members and Advisory Review Board Members under the "Our Team" section of this website.  The Advisory Review Board reports new project and existing projects updates monthly to the Board of Directors unless a special need or more immediate action is required by the Board of Directors that manages the day-to-day activities of the organization. 

  1. Project Request Processing Procedure - We want to make sure we move project requests through our process quickly.
  2. Project Assessment Process - We want to look at as many ways we can help as many individuals and organizations as possible by looking for common synergies amongst the projects in our system.
  3. Project Design Scope Process - We want to make sure that we have a step by step project plan for what we will be working on.


Take time to look at the following sheets to see how our process works.